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Product Experience, Kulnura Veterinary Clinic/Cedar Creek Wombat Rescue, Inc

“We’ve used Critical Care on wombats and kangaroos so far and have had great results. A young adult female wombat that was found emaciated and taken into care had a tooth issue that likely occurred when she was hit by a car.

“She was eating very little even after the tooth was repaired and unable to regain her strength until Critical Care was added to her diet. She gained weight rapidly and has since been released.

“We’ve also had success treating a 3Kg wombat with bloat by adding Critical Care as a way to increase the fiber in his diet.  He had been bloated for such a long period of time that he had very little segmentation in his colon or caecum and had trouble breathing due to the pressure.  The Critical Care helped keep things moving and he appreas to be on the road to recovery.

“And we used it on an Eastern Grey Kangaroo that was having loose feces and had to have a reduction in the amount of milk being fed.  The Critical Care provided needed energy as well as appearing to help keep the feces firm and preventing her from losing weight until her milk could be increased to the normal amount.

“We think there will be many uses for Critical Care on many species and can’t wait to try it on more.”

Robin Crisman, DVM and Roz Holme
Kulnura Veterinary Clinic / Cedar Creek Wombat Rescue, Inc

Oxbow Case Study #104 (4 year old wallaby)

Karen Fortier runs Rain Spirit Farm in Monroe, Washington. She conducted a case study regarding the use of Critical Care for Herbivores with a hand-reared wallaby after a relocation, anorexia, and collapse. Intent of product use: To restore health of a four-year-old pet wallaby, unable to eat on his own. Also, to determine if Critical Care is a workable solution to feeding animals unable or unwilling to eat due to injury or illness. Continue reading