5 Things Your Rat Wants You to Know

5 Things Your Rat Wants You to Know

  1. I love fresh veggies and fruit and sometimes even a crunchy bug.
  2. I am really smart so I can be trained and enjoy athletic challenges.
  3. Please don’t feed me with mixes of nuts, seeds and dried fruit.
  4. I’m an omnivore so I need to eat healthy protein and fats as well as fibre.
  5. I’m social so I’d love to share my home with another rat friend.

Your rat is an omnivore so he eats both plant & animal material. Most of a rat’s diet should include a complete fortified food/ pellets with veggies, greens and fruits offered in appropriate daily amounts.

Always ensure there is freshwater in both a sipper bottle and a tip-proof dish.

This nutrition wheel is a great guide showing how much and what sorts of food should be fed to your rat.

Did you know that mixes with nuts & seeds are not good for your rat? Rats tend to select those tempting bits over healthy food, and like humans, can overeat when bored. So it’s important to provide healthy foods in proper amounts.

Fresh vegetables, greens & fruits are an important part of your rat’s daily diet, as these offer important vitamins & nutrients, and also contribute hydration and enrichment to their daily routine.

Rats are super smart and can be trained to respond to their names, to fetch, to use a litter box & to even climb ropes! Choose a multi-level habitat with places to hide and play such as cardboard tubes, an exercise wheel, ropes and grass hay to burrow & nest.

Rats enjoy socialisation with both other rats & humans. Consider getting a de-sexed pair as companions. Rats need a cage with lots of space to play and burrow. Layer a solid bottomed cage (not wire) with soft bedding such Oxbow’s Pure Comfort which is ultra-absorbent and has minimal dust for your rat’s sensitive respiratory system. Avoid cedar & pine shavings which can irritate his lungs & skin.