5 Things Your Bunny Wants You to Know

5 Things Your Bunny Wants You to Know

5 Things Your Bunny Wants You to Know

  1. If I am desexed, I will live a happier, healthier life.
  2. I can easily be litter box trained and live indoors with you.
  3. I’ll live a lot longer if you don’t feed me grains, corn and seeds.
  4. Please vaccinate me against Calicivirus & protect me from biting insects that can make me very sick.
  5. I need LOTS of fresh hay.


Bunnies should LOVE fresh grass hay and this should make up most of the food you give them.

Not only is grass hay good for your bun, but it’s very important to keep his tummy healthy and teeth short & strong.

This nutrition wheel shows how much hay and pellets should be fed to your pet.

Did you know that grains, seeds and corn are not good for your rabbit? These might be good for you to eat, but bunnies struggle to digest starch and often become overweight & unhealthy if fed these foods.

Bunnies are clever creatures that can be litter box trained and live indoors where they will be protected from dogs, summer heat and exposure to illnesses. Just remember to rabbit-proof your home (power cords, plants etc.) to protect your bunny and your belongings.


Oxbow / Specialised Animal NutritionThree Reasons to Desex Your Rabbit:

1.) It minimises unwanted aggressive and territorial behaviours.

2.) It reduces the risk of illnesses such as cancer of the womb in females.

3.) There are so many bunnies in the world needing loving homes, we don’t want to add to the overpopulation problem.


Calicivirus and Myxomatosis are two very deadly illnesses facing rabbits. You can get your bun vaccinated against Calicivirus, but there is no vaccine for Myxomatosis in Australia, so it is important that you protect your bunny from biting insects like fleas and mosquitoes, which carry this disease.