5 Things Your Guinea Pig Wants You to Know

5 Things Your Guinea Pig Wants You to Know

5  Things Your Guinea Pig Wants You to Know


  1. I need Vitamin C every day in my food.
  2. I am most happy when I am with a friend.
  3. I’ll live a lot longer if you don’t feed me grains, corn and seeds.
  4. My cage is my home, please keep it clean and safe from predators.
  5. I love lots of fresh hay.

Guinea pigs LOVE fresh hay, this should make up most of the food you give them.

Not only is hay good for your piggy, it’s very important to keep his tummy healthy and teeth strong.

This nutrition wheel shows how much hay and pellets should be fed to your pet.


Did you know that grains, seeds and corn are not good for your guinea pig? These might be good for you to eat, but your piggy struggles to digest starch and may become overweight if fed these foods.


Vitamin C should be given to your guinea pig daily to prevent them from getting Scurvy, which can be really painful. All of Oxbow’s guinea pig pellets are made with stabilized Vitamin C, but if your piggy is not on Oxbow pellets then it will be a good idea to give them a Vitamin C supplement. Try Natural Science Vitamin C tablets.


Your guinea pig is social and would love a friend to interact with while you are at school or work. Please just make sure the companion you choose is the same sex or de-sexed so that they don’t fight or have babies which also need to be cared for. There are lots of piggies in the world needing loving homes and we don’t want to add to the problem of unwanted guinea pigs who need to be rescued.


How and where you keep your guinea pig’s cage is very important in keeping happy healthy pets. Think carefully about choosing the right size cage, cleaning it once a week and placing it in a cool place where your guinea pig won’t overheat. Remember if keeping your pet indoors that they do benefit from time in gentle sunlight.