Here at Specialised Animal Nutrition Pty Ltd, the sole distributor and brand manager of Oxbow Animal Health products in Australia, we have spent nearly two decades providing the best quality products and the highest calibre of education to support pet owners in helping their rabbits, guinea pigs and rats lead longer, healthier lives. We are a thriving distribution business supplying both pet shops and vet clinics across the country.

We focus heavily on pet owner education as a powerful marketing tool and an effective method of improving animal welfare. Oxbow and the team at Specialised Animal Nutrition continually emphasize the importance of consistent, high fibre diets with grass hays constantly available in their habitat.

If you have come looking for the world standard in exotic vet recommended diets, or to learn more about feeding your rabbit, rat or guinea pig, you have come to the right place.


Born on a family farm in the middle of rural Nebraska USA, Oxbow has become a worldwide supplier of premium life-staged feeds and supportive care products for small herbivores. Oxbow focuses on education and proper nutrition for these pets.

The Oxbow product range is built around premium quality grass hays (soft, green, fresh) and super high fibre, pelleted diets, including adult maintenance diets for rabbits and guinea pigs made with nutritionally superior, custom made Timothy grass meal rather than that more commonly found lucerne (alfalfa) meal.

Oxbow’s products are used and recommended by top exotic animal veterinarians across Australia and around the globe.

The veterinary community widely promotes the use of grass hays (including Timothy) because they have found them to be the healthiest combination of fibre, calcium and protein levels for adult pet herbivores.


Oxbow’s Advisory Board consists of the top exotic veterinarians, nutritionists and research professionals.

They specialise in zoo, non traditional animal health care and nutrition worldwide.

The Oxbow advisory board members are recognised leaders in exotic animal science. They have published over 100 peer reviewed articles in scientific publications, and presented these topics, at more than 200 scientific conferences and meetings on exotic animal science worldwide.


Oxbow Products are currently recommended in a growing list of veterinary textbooks and journals including:

• Rabbit and Rodent Dentistry (V Capello)

• Rabbit, Rodents & Ferrets (Quesenberry,  Carpenter)

• Biology & Medicine of Rabbits & Rodents (Harkness, Turner, VandeWoude, Wheler)

• BSAVA Manual of Rodents & Ferrets (Keeble,  Meredith)

• The 5 Minute Veterinary Consult: Rabbit and Ferret (B Oglesbee)

• Clinical Radiology of Exotic Mammals (V Capello, A Lennox)

• BSAVA Manual of Rabbit Medicine and Surgery, 2nd Ed (Meredith, Flecknell)

• Exotic Animal Formulary (Carpenter)

• The Veterinarian (Australia), various articles (D Vella, C Brown)

• Saunders Manual of Small Animal Practice (SJ Birchard, RG Sherding)

• British Small Animal Vet Association, Manual of Reptiles, 2nd edition

• Veterinary Clinics of North America- Exotic Animal Practice, Exotic Pet Management for the Technician (M Schulte, A Rupley)

• Exotic DVM Magazine (numerous issues)


The products have been cited as beneficial in numerous veterinary conferences and seminar lectures including:

• Australian Unusual & Exotic Pet Veterinarian’s Specialty Group Conferences

• Veterinary Nurse’s Council of Australia Conference

• International Conference on Exotics

• The North American Veterinary Conference

• Pan Pacific Veterinary Conference

• British Small Animal Veterinary Association Seminar, Dental Disease of Rabbits

• Japanese Animal Hospital Seminar Series, Introduction of Non-traditional Pets: Challenges in the 21st Century, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka

• Association of Amphibian and Reptilian Veterinarians Conference

• The Japanese Exotic Veterinary Conference

• Association of Avian Veterinarians Conference

• Association of Exotic Small Animal Veterinarians