Oxbow Bedding

Oxbow Pure Comfort Bedding


Oxbow Pure Comfort Bedding

Pure Comfort products are compressed when packaged.

When unpacked, Pure Comfort will expand to more than 250% of the original package size.

  • Odour Absorbent – naturally eliminates unpleasant smells with the pet’s habitat
  • Moisture Absorbent – Absorbs up to 800% of its weight in moisture for easy cleanup
  • 99.9% Dust Free – minimal small particulates
  • Made from pure, never printed paper – soft, hygienic, and safe bedding for pets.

Package sizes available
8.2 ltr package size – expanded volume 21ltr
16.4 ltr package size – expanded volume 54ltr




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About Oxbow Animal Health (USA)

Oxbow Animal Health (USA), born on a family farm in the middle of rural Nebraska USA, has become a worldwide supplier of premium life-staged feeds and supportive care products for small herbivores. Oxbow’s products are used and recommended by top exotic animal vets across Australia and around the globe.

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