Care advice for your pet rabbit, guinea pigs or pet rat

As the Australian Oxbow distributor, our mission is to help owners just like you, understand their pet’s nutritional needs.  We provide education and articles discussing ways to keep small pets happy and healthy so that you can experience years of happy companionship with these gorgeous little creatures. Click on the following category links for general information on caring for and feeding your new pet. Remember: If you have any concerns about your pet, we recommend you speak with your local vet.

Oxbow Animal Health Videos

Pets bring joy to people and in return they deserve to be well cared for, mentally stimulated, and properly fed. In everything we do, we strive to support the health and happiness of small animals and their caretakers. Check out Oxbow’s educational videos below to learn more on caring for your pets. To see more educational videos click here.

Critical Care® Herbivore

Grass hay based, assisted feeding formula for convalescent small herbivores containing all the essential nutrients of a complete diet, as well as high-fibre Timothy hay to support proper gut physiology and digestion.