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Why Natural Science Supplements?

The most common issues seen by companion mammal veterinarians are diet-related. Some pets require a little extra support to be at their best. Our supplements are formulated with premium herbal ingredients that support specific health and wellness needs in small pets.

Companion mammals are living longer, healthier lives because of improvements in care and nutrition. With longevity comes an increase in chronic health conditions that need long-term support.

As the human-animal bond strengthens, pet parents’ desire to provide the best quality of life increases. Natural Science supplements are made with high quality timothy hay, making them highly palatable and nutritious to small animals.



For pets during times of stress or with chronic health issues. For picky eaters or those that eat only hay and greens

• VITAMINS A, C, D, E AND B-COMPLEX: supports optimal health and wellbeing

• FLAXSEED AND DHA: provides beneficial Omega-3 and Omega 6 fatty acids


For pets with GI sensitivity, infection, or a history of gastric problems.

• CHICORY ROOT: contains insulin, supports the growth of beneficial bacteria in the GI tract

• GINGER ROOT: anti-inflammatory, supports gastric motility

• FENUGREEK SEED: anti-inflammatory, slows the absorption of glucose



For pets with skin or coat irritation diseases or infection.

• CHAMOMILE: anti-inflammatory, antiallergic and antipruritic; helps reduce itching and scratching

• CANOLA: anti-inflammatory, helps aid in skin-related diseases and promote healthy skin and coat

• PALM OIL* (Certified Sustainable) super antioxidant, helps support anti-aging and helps fight against cell damage; Beta-carotene and Omega 3 & 6 support overall healthy skin and coat


For pets advancing in age, diagnosed with arthritis, stiffness or decreased mobility.

• GLUCOSAMINE: helps prevent cartilage degeneration

• YUCCA: anti-inflammatory, antioxidative

• TURMERIC: anti-inflammatory, helps protect the liver

• GINGER ROOT: anti-inflammatory, helps relieve chronic pain.



For pets with a history of urinary issues such as infections, bladder stones, or “sludgy” urine.

• CRANBERRY: antimicrobial, helps prevent urinary tract infections

• DANDELION LEAF: natural diuretic, supports overall urinary health

• ASTRAGALUS ROOT: anti-inflammatory, supports renal function

• PUMPKIN SEED: helps relieve spasms and cramping from urinary disorders


For all animals during times of stress, illness, or recovery.  For guinea pigs daily if not already on Oxbow Pellets.

• STABILISED VITAMIN C: essential part of guinea pigs daily dietary needs; helps prevent hair and teeth loss, joint swelling, and bleeding disorders

• Supports overall wellbeing and wound healing

• Has both immune-enhancing and antioxidant properties

• Stabilised Vitamin C source ensure optimal potency of this vitamin



For pets in need of digestive support. Promotes overall digestive health in small animals.

• PAPAYA FRUIT POWDER: natural source of the active digestive enzyme Papain

• PINEAPPLE FRUIT POWDER: natural source of the active digestive enzyme Bromelain

• PAPAIN & BROMELAIN: Active enzymes that aid in the digestion of proteins

• TIMOTHY GRASS: Natural source of fibre that supports overall digestive health


The Features of Oxbow’s Natural Science Supplements

• Seven innovative formulas for customised nutritional support

• Premium herbal ingredients support health and wellness

• Free of additives, artificial colour and preservatives

Guidance from Experts

The formulation of our Natural Science Supplements involved extensive conversations and consultations with top experts in the fields of holistic and herbal medicine. These individuals included top exotics veterinarians and renowned, respected herbalists, as well as practitioners of holistic medicine. The result of our work with these individuals was an in-depth understanding of herbs and their various benefits to different small animal body functions.

Extensive Scientific Research

To gain a greater understanding of the benefits and functions of key herbal ingredients, we referenced extensive published research, including a multitude of peer-reviewed articles and top veterinary texts, as well as the most relevant veterinary proceedings.


Only the safest and most beneficial herbs were chosen for formulation in the daily diets of small pets.


* The palm oil used in our Natural Science supplements is 100% deforestation-free. Our palm oil supplier is Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Certified. This certification ensures that the supplier’s products are in compliance with the requirements of the most stringent regulation on the international market. The supplier is also a member of the Palm Oil Innovation Group, which works to demhttps://rspo.org/onstrate, though actions, new models and paradigms for the sustainable palm oil production.


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Oxbow Animal Health (USA), based on a family farm in the middle of rural Nebraska USA, has become a worldwide supplier of premium life-staged feeds and supportive care products for small herbivores. Oxbow’s products are used and recommended by top exotic animal vets across Australia and around the globe.

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